Olexander Hanzenko

Country: Ukraine
Position: Head of the Bioenergetic Plant Growing Technology Department
Organization: Institute of Bioenergetic Plants and Sugar Beetroot

Candidate of Technical Sciences

Since 2008, Olexander have been dealing with the issue of replacing fossil fuels with alternative energy sources, in particular biofuels. At that time, the first studies with new types of bioenergy crops only began to developt (e.x. miskanthus, mytchigras, energy willow) and the first plantations of these crops were laid in the network of research and section stations of the IBSIC NAAN. Today IBCISB executes the Bioenergy Resources Research Program, which brings together 40 domestic bioenergy projects. In addition, the Institute has won grants for the implementation of 2 projects of the international scientific program Horizont 2020.


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