Green Economy Days 2018

Facilitating Green
Economy Markets

BankHotel, Lviv, Ukraine 
GREEN ECONOMY DAYS 2018 foster development of green economy markets tackling environmental challenges in Ukraine 
Lviv Business Support Center

This programme is implemented by the EBRD and funded under the EU4Business Initiative of the European Union.
The EU4Business Initiative covers all EU support for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the region of the Eastern Partnership which brings together the EU, its member states and six partner countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. More information on 

Specific objectives 

  • Boost transition to green economy
  • Raise awareness on state of relevant nascent markets in Ukraine
  • Provide business networking platform for current and potential market players  


  • Solid biomass and energy crops producers
  • Biomass-based heat and power producers
  • Waste management companies (including biogas producers)
  • Investors
  • International financial institutions
  • Local authorities, esp. responsible for energy and waste management
  • Field experts, consultants and related project managers


Elina Velinova
Iryna Hnap
Serhiy Kiral
Andrzej Rajkiewicz
Volodymyr Vorobey
Georgiy Geletukha
Svyatoslav Pavlyuk

Panel 1. Business and natural capital: responsibility and business opportunities

  • The current state of greening the economy in Ukraine (general overview of environmental policy in regards to role of business).
  • EU policy as a driver for green economy markets emergence and development.
  • Financial incentives and financial resources as drivers for activating business. 

Panel 2. Creating the level playing field for business in green economy markets 

  • Illegal markets and illegal activities - the case of forest solid biomass markets.
  • System design - how to design markets and systems, role of business and role of other players.
  • Investor perspective on market transparency.
Parallel Tracks
Track 1
Solid Biomass

  • Business models evolution at the Ukrainian solid biomass market
  • Closed-loop regional and local biomass markets - private or communal ownership dilemma
Track 2
Solid Municipal Waste Management 
  • Models for solid waste management and their roll-out in Ukraine
  • Role of financial incentives and access to funding for market development
  • Business case for private players 
Track 3
Waste of Electronic and Electric Equipment
  • State of play in setting up market for WEEE
  • Players and drivers for Ukrainian WEEE handling system
  • Ukrainian WEEE system design 
DAY 2 
Thematic Workshops
Workshop fee is UAH 1.200, incl. VAT.
The organizers provide lunch and refreshments during coffee breaks
Workshop 1
Business Case
for Energy Crops 

The workshop is tailored for SMEs, municipal companies and local authorities interested in energy crops planning, planting and use for energy needs. Ukrainian cases will be reviewed and recommendations for commercial use of energy crops in Ukraine provided. 
Workshop 2
Biomass Markets
in the EU

The workshop will outline market dynamic for solid biomass markets in the EU, focusing on business case for export from Ukraine, certification issues as well as general drivers for biomass demand in the EU. 
For inquiries
regarding participation 

Iryna Burbylo 
+380 67 6529660

For inquiries from
speakers and partners
Yaroslav Melekh 
+380 67 3410224


BankHotel Lviv
8 Lystopadovoho Chynu,
Lviv, Ukraine